Simon Marsden

Haunted Houses: Lauenstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

 (371x500, 37Kb)

Haunted Houses: Ecclescrieg House, Kincardineshire, Scotland 

 (334x500, 27Kb)

Arcane Arches & Decorative Doorways: Arch, Ballynalackan Castle, County Clare, Ireland 

 (500x342, 32Kb)

Secret Gardens: Steps, Chateau Vieux, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Paris

 (363x500, 23Kb)

Secret Gardens: Broken Steps, Charleville Forest, County Offaly, Ireland

 (334x500, 36Kb)

Dracula’s Transylvania: Graveyard, Village in The Carpathian Mountains, Romania 

 (342x500, 32Kb)

Crumbling Castles: Peveril Castle, Derbyshire, England

 (337x500, 31Kb)

Romantic Ruins: Burg Kriebstein, Sachsen, Germany

 (340x500, 22Kb)

Romantic Ruins: Schloss Vitzenburg, Vitzenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany 

 (338x500, 32Kb)

Venice: ‘The Drunkenness of Noah’ on the corner of the Doge’s Palace leading to the ‘Ponte dei Sospiri’ or the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ 

 (500x340, 33Kb)

Venice: The Grand Canal 

 (498x500, 35Kb)

Venice: Carnival figure

 (323x500, 27Kb)

Moonlit Abbeys & Ivy Clad Chugches: Manisternagalliaghduff or ‘Old Abbey’, County Limerick, Ireland 

 (500x340, 32Kb)

Stately Mansions: Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England 

 (500x337, 19Kb)

Bizarre Interiors: The Dining Room, Wolfeton House, Dorset, England

 (500x340, 27Kb)

Bizarre Interiors: Staircase, Charleville Forest, County Offaly, Ireland

 (326x500, 32Kb)

Bizarre Interiors: Interior, Skyrne Castle, County Meath, Ireland

 (500x443, 31Kb)


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